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Welcome to Day 6 of the 11 DAYS OF CLARE – “DOOLIN: Musical Pilgrims”!

In the mid-20th Century, economic downturns and mass emigration ravaged County Clare’s music traditions, since so few were left behind to pass the torch to the next generation. Thankfully, music stayed alive in small pockets throughout the county, and, with the help of a few native musicians, Doolin emerged in the 1970s as the “traditional music capital of Ireland”—a mecca for devotees worldwide.  

In today’s video+audio excerpt/video from our Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way: County Clare 2.0 audio tour app for motorists, we hear again from acclaimed musician Luka Bloom, this time as he describes how “living on the edge” in Clare has influenced his songwriting. In the DOOLIN: Musical Pilgrims tour stop on our award-winning app, Luka talks about how “jigs and reels” are as common a topic of conversation in Clare as the weather! To hear that and much more, download Cultural Roadmapp from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android) today!