Road Trip: Ireland

Our ‘Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way: County Clare’ Audio Tour App Wins Second Major Award!

We’re excited to report that the National Association for Interpretation (NAI) has just awarded Cultural Roadmapp a 2018 Interpretive Media Award for our hands-free audio tour app for motorists, Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way: County Clare 2.0. The app was a 2nd Place Winner in the ‘Digital Media’ category. A panel of 11 judges for this prestigious competition had some great things to say about the production:

The theme I took away from the audio was about a “cultural adventure” in a special place, County Clare. I found the audio clips enjoyable to listen to with the narrator’s humor and interviewees’ comments.

This is an amazing driving tour. . . . Fits the mission and needs of the audience very well. Well done! 

Absolutely this would be appealing to heritage tourists – especially North Americans – traveling in County Clare. It often plays on certain cultural stereotypes about dancing and music in Irish culture before reversing them or revealing something of cultural importance.

This app provided me with an excellent sense of place. I especially appreciated the stewardship messages and inclusion of different art forms like poetry and music. Well done!

I found the app very easy to navigate. By linking the places in the county to stories, music, science and more, I think the tour does a great job of making the content meaningful and memorable.

This audio tour app is engaging and entertaining, while also employing many interpretive techniques. Comparisons to make the content relevant, like the discussions of the “seabird mega apartment complex” were effective, as were cultural references, like mentioning movie filming locations.

I appreciated the suggestions of what to do at each stop, as they tied into the content about the place (and were well written).