Cultural Roadmapp

It’s the last day of the 11 DAYS OF CLARE, with BUNRATTY CASTLE & FOLK PARK!

Greetings, all! We’ve reached the end of our road trip, and no better place to celebrate than by stepping inside the Medieval splendour that is BUNRATTY CASTLE. Just eight miles from Shannon Airport, the Castle will immerse your senses in an extra-special Banquet experience with Irish Medieval food, drink, music, and gorgeous decor. In today’s final video+audio excerpt from Cultural Roadmapp’s audio tour app for motorists, find out why guests at the Banquet had better not rile the Royal Couple! Also in our BUNRATTY CASTLE & FOLK PARK: THE JOURNEY HOME” tour stop, you’ll hear Ann McInerney describe how she bakes traditional Irish breads and pastries and how the cock’s crow and smell of the morning peat fire help her go back in time to recreate her role as “Woman of the House” at the Folk Park’s living history museum. It’s all in our award-winning app, along with beautiful harp performances.

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