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To provide an immersive, authentic user experience, we employed academic-quality ethnographic methods that elicited the most fascinating stories and humour from our interviewees

Deborah Schull, Creative Director | Lead Scriptwriter, Cultural Roadmapp

For the audio tour writers, the process entails a full immersion in the recordings, interviews, field notes, and other collected materials, followed by a process of discovery. This is when the magic happens: gradually, threads of meaning begin to unfurl, connections are made, and the narrative begins to take shape.

Dr Leah Bernini Cronin, Ethnomusicologist | Music Supervisor, Cultural Roadmapp

On a mission to revolutionize the classic road trip.

We’re Cultural Roadmapp, a transatlantic startup with a plan: to transform the road trip into an authentic cultural adventure!

Our hands-free audio tour app for motorists illuminates the richness and complexity of local culture and heritage through stories that move with you. Anchored in personally collected source material, each tour immerses the listener in new sounds, exclusive content, and an ingenious format—delivering an unprecedented travel experience.

We begin by interviewing dozens of elders and experts. Their stories, memories, and passions shape the narrative while preserving local folklore and tradition. We then inlay performances by world-class storytellers, actors, poets, and musicians. Narration recorded by acclaimed home-grown actors and stellar sound effects complete the production.

Our inaugural app, Road Trip: IRELAND, comprises a four-part series exploring cultural heritage in the seven counties along Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way driving route. The app features the award-winning audio tour Clare, available in the App Store (iOS) and Play Store (Android).

We’re excited that the second audio tour in the series, Cork & Kerry, is due to launch in Spring 2021. The two final tours—Sligo & Donegal and Galway & Mayo—are currently in production



Founder | CEO

Deborah is Cultural Roadmapp’s creative director and lead scriptwriter. Living in Dublin as a teen, she fell in love with Irish literature, landscape, music, and people. Today her work as a multimedia writer-producer is featured at the Smithsonian, the Reagan Library, the New York Botanical Garden, and San Francisco’s Asian Art Museum, among others. She began to write audio tours for industry leader Acoustiguide and the award-winning consultancy Cortina Productions. Prior to that, she wrote and produced the PBS documentary Lens & Pens: Art in an Unexpected Place. Deborah’s work has earned more than 25 honors in all, including the MUSE Award and two Tellies.



Leah directs content collection and curation and supervises music for Cultural Roadmapp. An ethnographer acknowledged as a master interviewer and field researcher, she recorded oral histories and exclusive performances in Counties Clare, Cork, and Kerry for our Road Trip: IRELAND audio tour series. Leah holds a PhD in Ethnomusicology and Master’s degrees in both Irish Traditional Music Performance and Ethnomusicology from the University of Limerick. She is also an Irish fiddle player and teacher and runs the Millennium House Band, a professional band mentorship program for aspiring Irish traditional musicians.


Oral historian | social geographer

Leyla is an oral historian and field researcher for Cultural Roadmapp. She toured Counties Sligo and Donegal masterfully interviewing folklorists, musicians, craftspeople, and historians for our Road Trip: IRELAND audio tour series. Leyla has edited and produced films based on her own oral history interviews for The Rockefeller University in New York City and is an international affiliate of Toronto’s Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling. She earned a Master’s degree in Oral History from Columbia University and a PhD in Geography from Rutgers University.


Ethnographer | lead producer

Leslie is a brilliant project manager and a field researcher for Cultural Roadmapp. She conceptualized, researched, and recorded audio interviews and exclusive performances in Counties Galway and Mayo for our Road Trip: IRELAND audio tour series. Leslie authored the method book Playing Outside the Lines for Mel Bey Publications.  She is also an educator and performing flutist bridging classical and folk music traditions. Leslie earned a Master of Arts degree from the University of Limerick, a Master of Music from New York University, and a Bachelor of Music from Ithaca College.


Data analyst
As Cultural Roadmapp’s resident data analyst, Tony identifies trends and patterns in our social media and app downloads and advises the team as we continually improve our marketing strategy. A student at New York University, he has experience in the Marketing and Food & Beverage industries and has done significant work in data and market research, along with data analysis. Tony is a team player always willing to help others succeed.


Marketing Director
Alienor develops and manages Cultural Roadmapp’s digital marketing and social media operations. She is also conducting research for our upcoming audio tour for a road trip in France. Her work with us brings all her passions together: she’s a (third-year) French and Business student at the University of Limerick, Ireland, majoring in marketing, loves tourism, and has worked in France, too.


Multimedia content creator/producer

Based in New York City, Emily has created and produced many excellent promo videos for Cultural Roadmapp. She works creatively in several formats, including feature-length documentary films, podcasts, and social media, and is fascinated by digital storytelling’s many forms along with cultural anthropology and identity. Emily loves telling stories that reflect strong, diverse communities around the world within the context of cultural preservation and evolution, local community and business, and global tourism. 

Principals, Supporters & Partners
Road Trip: IRELAND


Creative Director & Scriptwriter: Deborah Schull | Director of Content Collection & Curation & Music Supervisor: Dr. Leah Bernini Cronin | Narrators: Iarlaith O’Conaire & Geraldine Hughes | Audio Producer: Audissey Media | Executive Producer: Josh Guberman | Producer: Dooley Car Rentals | Associate Producers: Larisa Karr, Sara Aitken, Emily Ho, Wynne McIntyre & Saleah Blancaflor | Platform Provider: Tour Buddy Apps

special thanks to 

Irish America Magazine, Shannon Heritage, and Fáilte Ireland

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