Road Trip: Ireland

Road Trip: IRELAND

Reimagining the classic road trip

A thrilling cultural travel app for the Wild Atlantic Way

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2020 Travel & Hospitality Award

‘Best Cultural Tour Operator – Ireland’

2018 Interpretive Media Award

‘Digital Media’

2018 Digital Media Award (Silver)

‘Best Use of Mobile’

A ‘Tour-de-Force'

The only audio tour app for Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way, our multi-award-winning 4-part series resembles no other audio guide for motorists. Across 7 counties, we bring you


Local Culture & Heritage
Traditional Music and Exclusive Performances
Riveting Local Voices, Life Stories & Folklore
Compelling Narratives

How It Works

Created for motorists, Road Trip: Ireland uses GPS to automatically play mini audio documentaries as you approach stops along the tour route. Simply download the app while on wifi to avoid data charges, connect your smart device to your vehicle’s sound system via Bluetooth or USB (charging) cable, and enjoy!


Latest GPS and geofencing technology
Hands-free automation

Expert commentary

Leading historians and folklorists

Local musicians

Captivating storytellers

Hidden-gems scavenger hunt

Favourite sights, pubs, and eats

Stirring poetry and drama

Local voices, real lives

A “deep drive” into the soul of Ireland’s
west coast provides all the feels



In a Time of Social Distancing

Here in Ireland, the story is everything. It connects
the storyteller with the place they belong to, and we
connect you with the storyteller.


Ireland’s Last Traditional Matchmaker, Willie Daly, with Hopeful

Surfer on Ireland’s Atlantic Shore


Tour on Your Terms

Driving with our audio tour app means you decide where and when you want to go, at your own pace, in any direction. We take ‘self-drive’ vacations and holidays up a notch!


One-of-a-Kind Narrative Journeys


Our delightfully deep and wide-ranging content is
unique among today’s audio tour apps, which explore
a handful of subjects in a relatively cursory way.

Statue in Grotto at St Brigid’s Holy Well


Road Trip: Ireland

Winner of Irish, American, and international awards, Road Trip: Ireland is the inaugural audio guide in Cultural Roadmapp’s 4-part series, covering the spectacular 1500-mile Wild Atlantic Way driving route.

The hands-free tour offers an unprecedented immersion into the culture and heritage of West Clare for visitors and locals alike.  

Brimming with interviews, folklore, music performances, and much more, the audio tour provides a deep experience of a county with an amazingly rich cultural life, past and present. The tour includes 11 destinations, including the Cliffs of Moher and the Burren; curated recommendations for nearby attractions, food, and lodging; and a scavenger hunt highlighting hidden gems. The 90-minute tour is best enjoyed leisurely over two days.

Praise for Road Trip: Ireland

Thrilling! The ‘tour guides’ are charming and share great stories.

Valerie T

Maryland, USA

Fantastic idea and great implementation. A really creative way to help travelers get the “real Ireland” beyond the touristy areas.

Ian M

Clare, Ireland

Fantastic opportunity to learn more while looking out the window and not in a book!

Rena D

New York, USA

There are people that fight and swear up and down that this Ireland doesn’t exist anymore. It’s heartwarming to see the spirit is alive and well!

Daniel B

Texas, USA

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In-App Purchase Available

From the comfort and security of your car—without the distraction of a
visual app—bask in the unvarnished wit and wisdom of
dozens of cultural experts (local heroes, creative icons, academics,
garden-variety “characters”) who bring homegrown culture and heritage
to life and new meaning to the passing landscape. “There are no
strangers here, only friends you haven’t met yet,” wrote the Irish poet
William Butler Yeats. With Cultural Roadmapp, you’ll soon feel
as if you’ve known these new friends all your life.

The Cultural Roadmapp experience is a far cry from the regimentation of package and coach tours. And because you’ll be driving in between the well-known destination points, we alert you to the gems hidden far from the madding crowd. Even better, you can “tread softly”—leaving a lighter footprint on the environment—and support establishments off the beaten path.

Through interviews, storytelling, poetry, and humour,
our audio tours encompass the depth and breadth
of local culture and heritage—from architecture to folklore to
maritime history, and more. It all comes together in elegant
narration voiced by brilliant Irish actors and laced with
stellar sound effects and world-class music performances.